What services are available?

I've worked in just about any and every area of design and marketing. Below are some of the basic categories, but if you have a project that isn't listed here, I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

Design services:

Web Design:
Set your business appart with a custom look and feel for your internet presence. Nothing will kill a business faster than a bad website, and nothing will help your business more than a comprehensive, well designed site. I have designed sites for just about any industry you can think of . Create an online store, manage members, post video, and manage all of your social media networks. Anything is possible.

Print Design:
Brochures, posters, vinyl signage, convention displays, packaging, manuals, and business forms are just some of the many items that can be prepared to help you move your business marketing forward.

A good solid and recognizable logo mark is one of the first considerations of any business. Let me help you create one that will set you apart from your competition. A few polishing touches like letterhead and business cards can give you great credibility.

Confused as to where to start? I can help you focus on main marketing groups for your products and services, then link that to the media that will get your name out to them.

Production of high quality HD video and custom audio for anything from wedding videos to multinational corporate presentations. Contact me for more information on your particular project.

Photo correction/restoration:
I really love old photographs, but often time is not so kind. I have worked at fixing some of the most damaged images by digitally correcting the image. It's not just old photos that need a little help. It is often fairly easy to add a family member to a family photo... or take out an "ex" or two whatever the case may be.

Funeral or biography presentations:
What better way to remember the life of an individual than by creating a short history of their life. I can create just about any type of family history presentation or book that you might need. Information can be taken from current journals, or I can also run interviews with the persons involved. Contact me for more information on your particular project and my reasonable per project rates.

Contact me with your design project or for more information.



Contact Information: mindy@blackrockcanyon.com